Flare up your digital advertising performance to new heights!

Insights-Driven Programatic Marketing Platform that helps online marketers to fully automate and optimize their monetization funnels

Working in Real-Time, SrcFlare can intergate any traffic source to process your funnel data, as well as to extend it with relevant attribution insights derived from 3rd party sources or dynamincally generated by the platform in its data-learning-process.

It then leverages this insighful data and take real-time actions to help you maximize your earnings, your audience LTV and lowering your risk.

Data. Insights. Wow!

Let us visualize your data "cost-to-revenue", measuring profitability and behavioural patterns accross more than 20 attribution dimensions.

Learn your effective CPM, classify your audience based on behaviour or profitability, micro track your aqucisition margins and much more.

Unified Orchestration

Intelligently Orchestrate your funnels' data and its optimization by taking actions across any 3rd party platforms.

Use machine learning and smart triggers to immediately take action once an UP or DOWN trend detected

Hook us Everywhere!

SrcFlare can hook and easily mediate any traffic source, serving as an Ad-Mediation, Search or RTB bidding, supporting both custom and industry standard protocols.

Build new cross-marketing funnels instantly! Optimize CPA to PPV. RTB to CPA/I. Display to Search and much more.

Gain Control. Insight. Profit.
Once upon a time... there were three turtles and a princess. The turtles earned their living doing internet marketing. No-one could really understand their mambo-jambo doodles, but they did great money!
One day, the princess started documenting the turtles and learnt that they all do same routines.
Well, she opened her laptop and started coding SrcFlare.
Since then, the princess could make more money, spend more, scale easier, but mostly sleep better happily ever after
SrcFlare Engine
Like a Giant Octopus combined with a Data Godzilla, our real-time engine collects your data microbytes, extends it with business attribution layers to track & learn your performance vs your opportunity -- then, it tunes everything needed to capitalize it.


Our intuitive dashboard will let you intelligently orchestrate your campaigns - from viewing the data, analyzing insights, build your strategy and take real-actions (increase, decrease, start, stop, do, etc)

Dont Miss the Trend!

Identify in few hours what's working, but more important - what's not! learn where to invest and also, when to stop.

Full control & Easy Scale

Let us babysit your campaigns! create smart dynamic rules to take real-time actions even when you are sleeping.

AI Powered

Well although its a common buzz-word, we are really proud in our unique AI technology with its predictive capabilies derived by the fractions of the data it gathers.

Robust targeting

Hooked with any traffic source, we give you laser sharp control of your traffic targeting.

Antifraud Actions

Identify suspisious patterns to protect your traffic or your media campaigns from fraudulent activities and non-human bots.

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